Monday, March 28, 2005

Homo Shame

Remember Will Young?

He was the guy that won the original Pop Idol in the UK...and then showed up at the Idol 1 finale, where he lisped his way through a horrid duet with the Clarkson.

(FYI, I used to have a lisp when I was younger...but thanks to a speech therapist, I don't anymore. I feel that this hardship qualifies me to make all the Will Young/Mariah Carey lisp jokes I want.)

Anyways, in the midst of my Sunday evening scan of the iTunes UK music store...I stumbled across a B-Side to one of Mr. Young's singles that is SO awesomely bad that it merits it's very own blog posting.

And here it is...Will Young singing Outkast's "Hey Ya" as if it were meant to be sung in some piano bar in SoHo on Open Mic Night:

"Hey Ya" (Live @ Radio 1) - Will Young

Hi...I have massive homo shame for this man.

We don't need this disastraphe on our team anymore. Does anyone wanna to trade?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you actually knew anything about it you'd know that that was from BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge where artists that are invited in do live acoustic covers of songs which are popular when they perform. Granted he could have chosen a better song to perform but Outkast was really popular when he did it. So don't go bitching about it even though it is pretty terrible. Oh, and Will Young is still huge over here so the opinion of one person, ie you, doesn't really mean much.

6:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the above poster. Will Young is an awesome talent and is also a great actor and dancer. I love his version of Hey Ya! I saw him singing it live in Oxford and he acknowledged his parents during the line "Thank God for Mum and Dad".

He is really great. Give him a chance.

12:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will Young is a highly talented singer. He NEVER EVER mimes, has a lovely personality, raises money QUIETLY for charities and doesn't bitch or 'put down' other people. In other words - he has impecable, old-fashioned good manners.

Will is a true STAR - his voice can adapt from beautifully sung love songs to cracking great funk/rock.

I could say lots more on the great Will Young, but when all's said and done, if you manage to get past the mickey-taking stage, then you might be able to listen with some intelligence and an open mind to this great, genuine singer.

3:06 AM  
Anonymous wellboy said...

Very few people in the world can hear Maria Carey's Lisp...

We are few my comrade!

Be strong!

7:16 AM  

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