Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Avenue Idol

Words cannot describe that Ford Focus American Idol commercial that aired tonight...what was up with the giant puppets?

They looked suspiciously familiar to me.

No one really wants to see the human version of Constantine...much less the puppet version.

I think I'm gonna have another Constantine nightmare tonight...and this time he'll be made of felt.

Enough with the Muppet Show...on to the results:

  • Anwar "What's" Robinson
  • Jessica "I really should be wearing a scarf to hide the fact I have no neck" Sierra
  • Nadia "Yes...I am a Melissa Etheridge fan" Turner

And in the end...we said goodbye to Jessica Sierra.

The big sister is very upset by this turn of events and is threatening to boycott the Idol for the rest of the season. Although I'm pretty much convinced that Carrie Underwood has this whole thing wrapped up in a nice little country package, I'm still gonna keep least for now.


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