Thursday, February 17, 2005

"You're either IN or you're OUT"

I can't believe that Wendy Pepper! What a crazy beotch!

Oh wait...wrong show.

Anyways, tonight's episode of the Idol finally revealed the final 24 contestants that are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Idol (that ANTM joke never gets old, eh?).

So below is a fully annotated list of the Good, the Great, and the Even Better.

judge jru's guide to the top 24 contestants of the Idol 4


  • Anthony Fedorov--Blonde Russian Boy that has the voice of an Aiken
  • David Brown--African-American giant with shortish dreds
  • Nikko Smith--The guy that with the lucky coin
  • Mario Vasquez--Cute Latino Boy
  • Constantine Maroulis--The poser that fancies himself an authentic rocker because he was in a band once
  • Bo Bice--Long haired rocker guy that is NOT Constantine
  • Jared Yates--Multiracial curly haired boy with big brown eyes
  • Joseph Murena--Has a flavor saver that needs to be shaved off right away
  • Anwar Robinson--Music Teacher with the long dreds and bad facial hair
  • Judd Harris--Short flexible boy that does splits
  • Scott Savol--Not to sounds like a broken record...but Scott IS the White Ruben Studdard (good-ish voice, but painfully dull)
  • Travis Tucker--Really Really Good Looking.


  • Carrie Underwood--Small Town Country Gal
  • Aloha Mischeaux--Donut lovin' girl whose feet shrink when she gets nevous
  • Mikalah Gordon--Super perky gal that wears WAY too much makeup (btw, just how does this 16 year-old have a "really cool" lower back tattoo?)
  • Nadia Turner--Has Big Hair
  • Vonzell Solomon--The Postal Carrier
  • Sarah Mather--Beautiful girl with the cat-like eyes
  • Celena Rae--Kristin Holt without all the pageant training
  • Jessica Sierra--Girl with red streaks in her hair (I know...lame description, but she's giving me nothing to work with)
  • Janay Castine--Cute Af-Am girl with the nice mother
  • Lindsay Cardinale--Julia DeMato with talent
  • Melinda Lira--I have no idea who this girl is...
  • Amanda Avila--The pretty Vegas Showgirl

And, don't week, the Idol airs on MONDAY (the 12 boys perform), TUESDAY (the 12 girls perform), and WEDNESDAY (the painful results show where 2 boys and 2 girls get kicked off).


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