Monday, February 28, 2005

They Shoot Idols Don't They?

So the idiot oddsmakers are at it again, letting people place bets on the Idol 4 horserace.

Guess who's in first?

Why it's Carrie Underwood at 11-4 odds...of course!

Mario Vazquez comes in a close second at 7-2.

Then Anwar Robinson and Vonzell Solomon are at 6-1.

Followed by Nadia Turner and Bo Bice at 10-1.

The giant known as David Brown is at 12-1.

Constantine Maroulis, Aloha Mischeaux and Amanda Avila are all at 15-1.

Suprisingly, Anthony Federov is at 18-1. (What ARE they thinking?)

Jessica Sierra, Nikko Smith, Travis Tucker, Mikalah Gordon, Scott Savol and Lindsey Cardinale are chillin' together at 25-1 odds.

That perky Celena Rae is dancing by herself at 35-1.

And poor Joseph Murena and Janay Castine are in DFL at 50-1.


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