Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Pleather Jacket Love Story


1) Nikko Smith – If Urkel had an Extreme Makeover, he would be Nikko Smith.

2) Scott Savol – I think Scott gave a blandly decent performance…but I’m not that sure because I was too busy staring at the weird facial hair growing on Scott’s neck region.

3) Anthony Fedorov – Anthony is going to make it to the top twelve, just because he is the only cute blonde white boy around.

4) Bo Bice – The sister feels like Bo is the long lost member of the Black Crowes. She swears she could smell the petoulli through the TV.

5) Travis Tucker – Hottest guy to appear on American Idol…ever.

6) Constantine Maroulis – Worst. Idol. Contestant. Ever.

7) David Brown – After David’s performance, I began to worry that this might be the worst group of contestants yet. I wanted to like David. Really I did. But I didn't.

8) Jarred Yates – If Jon Secada had a vagina (and a uterus) and mated with RJ Helton, their baby would look something like Jarred.

9) Anwar Robinson – For his grand TV debut, Anwar wore a lopsided pleather top. And I say “top,” because this piece of clothing couldn’t decide what it wanted to be when it grows up. Is it a jacket? Or is it a shirt? Either way, it’s a total disastrophe.

10) Judd Harris – Judd Harris: Little. Tan. Oddly Sexy.

11) Joseph Murena – Soul Patch + Cartilage piercing / Mystic Tan = Still Boring

12) Mario Vazquez – Eh…the girls better be good tomorrow night or else this is going to be one loooong season of the Idol.


Bottom Two: Joseph Murena and Nikko Smith.

(Although if Constantine ends up down here, I wouldn’t object.)


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