Wednesday, February 23, 2005

"The Dawgpound"


1) Vonzell Solomon - I enjoy the Vonzell, but is she really wearing some knock-off of the "terrible" pink top from Project Runway Jay's Grammy Dress ensemble? Didn't anyone read "Tim's Take" on the whole situation?

2) Amanda Avila - I know a certain someone who is probably going to end up starring in the direct-to-DVD remake of "Showgirls" (also featuring Nikki McKibbin as Crystal Connors and Frenchie Davis as Henrietta 'Mama' Bazoom).

3) Janay Castine - And now we have someone to play Molly, the sassy yet wise seamstress.

4) Carrie Underwood - Speaking as someone who actually saw Tiffany sing 'Coulda Been' only a month ago, Carrie is way better than the real thing.

5) Sarah Mather - Well, at least she's pretty.

6) Melinda Lira - I still have no idea who this girl is...

7) Nadia Turner - How did Nadia become the "rock" chick? Maybe after all this Idol craziness is over, Bo and Nadia can go perform in a traveling production of "Hair" or "Jesus Christ Superstar."

8) Celena Rae - Is it just me or did Celena get a awesomely bad nose job? The whole bit looks awfully familiar to me...

9) Mikalah Gordon - Little girls take note, because this is what happens when someone grows up idolizing Fran Drescher a little too much.

10) Lindsay Cardinale - Are you there Julia DeMato? It's me...judge jru.

11) Jessica Sierra - The girl with the red streaks came out as a full blown blonde and performed her little heart out. She was totally enjoyable, but Kelly Clarkson she ain't.

12) Aloha Mischeaux - Aloha Aloha.


Bottom Two: Amanda Avila and Janay Castine...Melinda Lira could end down here too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Approximately how much does it cost to have a nosejob? I know that price will vary but I had my nose broken and need bridge work. Any ideas? Guestimate? Range?

12:58 AM  

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