Sunday, February 06, 2005

Clay has a hard day

There is a man, by the name of Peter Howell that reviews movies for the Canadian newspaper known as "The Toronto Star."

This man...this Peter a genius.

Need evidence?

Take a gander at the first two lines from his review of "Boogeyman" (the new horror film starring that guy that married the rabbi's daughter on "7th Heaven"):

"The boogeyman has been scaring young children for so long, it only seems right that he should finally get his own feature-length horror movie.

But here's the deal. It's really hard to build an entire film around someone hiding in the closet, unless you're making Clay Aiken's life story."

Hi...I heart Peter Howell.

In other news, I just got home from a party where someone swore to me that his ex's best friend had boring bland vanilla gay sex with the Aiken, after chatting with him on

Somehow...Clay Aiken has become the new Tom Cruise.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok being a Claymate myself I totally think that Clay is not gay. I am pursuing the career of a special education teacher and I am far from gay! I think that The inturpritation of gay is so misunderstood these days. Just because he is a virgin and doesn't have a girlfriend doesn't mean that the man is gay. Paraphrasing what he said, he wants a girl that loves him for him and doesn't love him just for his money which os hard in his position on the famous ladder. The man didn't have to answer your question so he didn't. The question will always linger in our minds whether he is or not so I will say this from my piont of view.
1.He doesn't have to be gay to be a special education teacher
2.just because he doesn't have a girlfriend doesn't mean he is gay either.
You people really don't know he is gay or not and neither do I but all signs point to NO

3:16 PM  

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